frequently asked questions


Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes, of course! A free trial class will allow you and your child to experience first-hand what goes on in class, and how much fun and learning takes place. While classes are up and running, you can visit almost any scheduled class. Email us at to book your free no-obligation trial class. 

What happens in class?

Class activities vary depending on your child's age. But most classes involve a mix of singing, instrument play, dancing and movement, storytime, and other activities. Activities are designed to develop and strengthen your child's physical and neural functions, social-emotional skills, early literacy and early math, and much more. And let's not forget- to love music and dance from the very beginning!

Do I need to bring anything?

You don’t have to bring anything, or have any musical or dancing ability yourself. We provide all the instruments, activities, classroom instruction and fun. 

What are the benefits of the use of instruments in Kindermusik classes?

Percussion instruments are the foundation of any good preschool music program.  Steady beat is the most fundamental property of music, and percussion enables immediate participation for children of all ages.  At The Wiggly Tots, we have a generous selection, ranging from basic classroom sets of rhythm sticks, sand blocks and shakers to a variety of sizes of drums and resonator bars. And we have an extensive collection of items that are safe for our youngest students in our baby classes – items that are suitable for little ones who are putting everything in their mouths!

Any tips for making the most of class time?

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early. This provides time for your child to settle in to the musical environment, and for you to connect with other parents and caregivers. 

  • Dress comfortably. You'll have so much more fun if you do! For your child, barefoot is best. 

  • Follow the child... The best thing you can do during class is to focus on engaging with your child, and many times your child's favourite way to experience the activity may be different from what the other kids are doing. It's all okay! We'll show you how to continue engaging with your child no matter what s/he is doing. "Follow the child" simply means letting your little one show you how s/he would most like to participate.

  • Make every day a Kindermusik day! You and your child will benefit enormously from the Kindermusik experience. We know that while music classes like Kindermusik can be exciting and fun in and of themselves, the real benefits occur when the activities from class become meaningfully applied to your child's life at home and on the go with you. You'll get extra value out of your classes if you and your child get to celebrate your learning not only in class, but also during your daily lives together.