Kindermusik’s engaging, developmentally appropriate music classes offer thoughtfully integrated sequences of activities that set the stage for optimal, multi-sensory learning. Each lesson is designed to boost school readiness, nurture multiple areas of a child’s development, and tap into a variety of individual learning styles.

Our music-and-movement activities are carefully and creatively designed to enhance children’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Plus, Kindermusik’s focus on different musical concepts, genres, and styles helps foster a lifelong love of and appreciation for the music itself.

Kindermusik ABC Music & Me ​


  • Early musical experiences are proven to advance memory, attention, and brain development, and have shown positive outcomes for the learning of early mathematics skills.

  • Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while also enhancing motor skills and physical development.

  • Group learning helps students develop social skills such as cooperation and turn-taking. Gathering in a group to sing and learn is a positive way to lower inhibitions, build self-esteem, and foster a sense of inclusion.                                                                                  

  • Music is uniquely suited to engage the parents and family members of young children, allowing them to extend learning beyond the classroom. Parents are also encouraged to support important learning with the take-home materials in ABC Music & Me.

Music and early childhood are such a natural pair. What a perfect time to catch a child's innate love of music, pair it with educational activities, and build a foundation for lifetime learning. ABC Music & Me is a literacy-rich music curriculum that celebrates the importance of music, introduces music's basic "language" in developmentally appropriate ways, and nurtures those rhythmic, pattern-loving, musical seeds that are so naturally planted in a child's brain.

Class :      Kindermusik
Age :         Walkers - 3 years old 
Time :       10:00-10:45am (Saturday)